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We're a group of NYC friends with a common love for Daft Punk. This Halloween, we're building the biggest, brightest Daft Punk tribute float that's ever hit the NYC Halloween Parade. We're also throwing a massive Halloween party dance party, and you're all invited.

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Hey everyone!  We’re baaack!

This time we added some more RAM. (get it?)


Yes, the saga of DiscoFace and Slaghammer continues with a triumphant return to the 6th Ave. stage for Daft Punk Halloween 2013!  

A lot has happened since we had our full build out at Windmill Studios for the Halloween party: Hurricane Sandy ripped through the Northeast and literally pulled the plug on lower Manhattan (gasp!); the parade was cancelled for the first time in its 40 year history; SNL aired the 13-seconds of the catchiest tune in years;  Daft Punk released their 4th studio album Random Access Memories to much anticipation and critical acclaim; our Blinky friends successfully raised money on their own Kickstarter and continued their passion for perfecting the portable LED light show; we had a Random Access Memories album release listening party with a video projection on 3 walls - it was great;  and John Doyle, aka Nastyfreestyle started the Harlem Model Search and a side project called the Harlem Dance Club.   

Plans have been coming together slowly, but most urgently, THE PARADE NEEDS MONEY!!!  Please help fund this year’s parade to bring joy and life back to Halloween in the city!  

As the earth spins around the sun once more, we pick up where we left off, to make this image a reality!  


Brock Stoneham graciously took on the opportunity to create this photo essay of the project’s final launch day: the setup for the Halloween party.  Check out the behind the scenes shots of last minute prep and installation!

Thanks Brock!  

Wild dreams do come true!  I present to you the dazzling conclusion to hours of costuming, rehearsing, building, testing, designing, coordinating for Daft Punk Halloween 2012!* 

To all followers waiting to see this edit, so sorry it took this long.  Let this get you excited about Halloween this year!  A huge thanks is due to Wild Combination for filming and editing.  Enjoy!

*  The performance took place on the eve of Hurricane Sandy’s arrival to the NYC which thwarted the effort to perform this on the parade float in the Halloween parade which was the ultimate goal of the project.  Plans are underway for a victorious return this year.

ONE MORE TIME  - with more sequins!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!

We will release video of the performance from the Daft Punk Halloween party in he next several days. The lights, the dancing, the costumes, the crowd — it was phenomenal. For now, check out the Photo Flipbook video put together at Shootbooth + thanks to all who came out to + supported the party on Saturday night! 

This just in.  

The party at Windmill Studios this Saturday night is SOLD OUT.

No tickets will be sold at the door as we’ve reached the legal capacity of the space.  Come find us on Wednesday as we parade up 6th Avenue with full dance crew, float light show, pyramid, and… wait for it, a Technologic baby puppet!!

We held our last dance rehearsal yesterday and the crew is amped to show this thing around town!  The above photo is from our work session with the talented programmers at Hack Rock City who are killing it with the light display!  There’s much more developing in the final week before the party, so keep checking in for updates!  

Some more exciting fabrication photos!

-Dustin AKA Slag Hammer

Pics from Sunday’s rehearsal. 

Pics by Greg Liburd.  

And one final sneak peak of the costumes — the lovely Mummies and Disco Girls! Swoon!

Thank you, again, Olivia Chow!

What are you wearing for Halloween, Internet?

More sneak peaks coming!

@kthread you are going to be so badass in this!!

This is starting to get VERY EXCITING. We have been practicing our robot-butts off on John’s amazing choreography. We did a run through of the entire performance on Sunday and we all started to BELIEVE. You do not want to miss this. Here come a few sneak previews of our incredible costumes. The designs are all by the fabulous Olivia Chow. She is taking us to the next level. Thank you, Olivia!

FUNDED! We couldn’t be more thankful for all 220 of you who chipped in to bring Daft Punk Halloween Alive.