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We're a group of NYC friends with a common love for Daft Punk. This Halloween, we're building the biggest, brightest Daft Punk tribute float that's ever hit the NYC Halloween Parade. We're also throwing a massive Halloween party dance party, and you're all invited.


This week we went out to Bond Parade Floats out in Clifton, NJ to check out a warehouse of 50+ decorated parade floats!  The owner, Rob Devito has been operating it for 35 years and the parade float business is still booming.  Rob is providing over 150 floats to different parades in the month of October alone!  Bond Floats supplies floats for all of the NYC parades and provides custom fabrication services for each float.  They’ll also take care of all the logistics of providing power, insurance, transport to and from the parade, etc.  All we do is hop on and dance our little hearts out!

Check out their website:  www.bondfloats.com 

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